Our Services


License application
Head of actuarial function
Regulatory returns
Risk management including the ORSA
Advisory Services
Training on Microinsurance

Actuarial Consulting

Actuarial valuations on all bases: SVM, SAM, IFRS and SII IFRS17
Embedded value calculations
Value of new business Calculations
Product development and pricing for life insurance products
Actuarial modelling
(Prophet, MS Excel)
Independent reviews, model validation, and asset-liability matching 
IFRS17 gap analysis 
Budget projections

Data Analytics and Performance Optimisation

Data analysis to draw insights that are useful for improving performance.
Research to understand better the customer needs and behavior so as to tailor solutions to those needs.

Enterprise Risk Management

Risk management frameworks
Quantitative and qualitative assessments
Internal auditing
Own risk and solvency assessment (ORSA)

Balance Sheet Management

Assess suitability of company’s corporate structure
Corporate finance
Project finance

Damages and Compensation Calculations

Estate claim calculations
Loss of income and support calculations